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      The following Travel Games have all been kid-tested by our family during the thousands of miles that we've driven exploring states to write our travel guides. They are a great alternative to the TV/DVD and personal video game systems, and provide good old-fashioned learning...(and no batteries required!). Any games with small pieces are not recommended for children under age 4. Click any image below for a closer look.  



Keeps kids occupied by interacting with the scenery "or as we call it - the video of life going on outside our van". When they spot various items such as a barn, truck, stop sign, etc. they slide the "finger tip" shutter cards to mark the space. This sliding feature is great and eliminates lost pieces. Totally self-contained and reusable. The first to complete a bingo wins. Available in Theme Sets, (Interstate, Auto Bingo - Green & Pink, and Traffic Safety). NOTE: Each color is available with the same pictures scrambled differently to insure that all 4 players won't get a BINGO at the same time. Up to 4 unique mixes in each color. Click any image below for a closer look.  Set/4 - $7.95

Auto Bingo Green Auto Bingo Pink Bingo Interstate License Plate

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