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Customer Reviews
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we wanted to include a few of the hundreds of emails, letters, and comments that we hear from our customers. We feel very blessed to be used to reach families who desire to create "family travel memories!". Your email comments are always welcome to Excerpts may be posted on this location in the future. Thanks again for your valuable input! Click on the graphics below to enlarge letters. Text is also included below.

“In reading Kids Love Missouri, I’ve now discovered there are actual fun things to do in and around the places we travel to all the time!!  Not to mention the fun things that are right around our house that I never even knew existed.” –Corrianna C, Branson, MO Blog

Kids Love Wisconsin. Now, being the Wisconsinite that I am, I can with all honesty say that Michele and her family came and left our beautiful state without leaving a stone unturned! They found places I never even heard of. AND found those gems that I thought only we in Wisconsin knew about! I was glad to learn that I can watch a Salmon Run without having to go out west. There is also a vitamin factory right here in Woodruff! My daughter went to South America and rode a Zip I find out that we can go zipping right here in Wisconsin Dells! Cool! Whether you're planning a trip to our beautiful state or have lived here for years, there is something that Michele has uncovered that you won't want to miss! Thanks, Michele for finding all our treasures!

We visited Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Smokey Mountains area last Oct. with our two girls, ages 7 & 11. One of the best resources that I used to find fun & affordable activities was “Kids Love Tennessee” by George & Michele Zavatsky. At the Sugarlands Visitor Center you can go on a ranger led hike to a nearby fall or hike to Laurel Falls yourselves (good one for kids). If you contact the Sugarlands Visitor Center closer to your trip time, they will send you their monthly newsletter, which lists the times in which activities are available, like a hayride. The Kids Love TN books lists plenty of other activities around the area (not always your tourist-type stuff), like a cavern hike. We stayed in the Music Road Inn (or was it the Music Road Hotel, anyway we were in the one that was on the north side of the road), which was styled for families and clean. They had a really nice breakfast & great pools (indoor & outdoor). Yes, my girls actually got in the outdoor pool (with their dad) in Oct., which I thought was absolutely freezing. They stayed about 20 minutes before running inside to the hot tub! If you go during the week, it is not crowded, but expect a big increase on the weekends.

I got the book (re: KIDS LOVE MARYLAND) and read almost the whole thing in one night! Where have you been all my life and why didn't I know about you sooner? I loved the book. I already have several field trip ideas floating around in my head for the summer. Toni  -
The "Kids Love" Guidebook Travel Series by George and Michele Zavatsky (reading level: for the whole family). If you wish to travel the world, eat at the finest restaurants, and stay at five-star hotels, you want Fodor's travel guides. If you desire to travel in certain states with your family and do fun things for as little money as possible, then you need the Zavatsky family's "Kids Love" books. We first met Michele Zavatsky when she gave workshops on how to do Ohio History, a requirement for homeschoolers in Ohio, at the Ohio Home Educators Conferences in Columbus, OH, which we attended for several years when we lived in Dayton, OH. She is an interesting and fun speaker. The Zavatskys are a homeschooling family who like to travel, so Michele and her husband, and in fact their whole family, began a family business, Kids Love Publications, which puts together travel guides for various states listing family-friendly activities and places which are both fun and educational. Since we have done a lot of traveling in certain states, we purchased their guides for Ohio (which we used extensively when we lived there), Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and perhaps some others. We recently moved to Illinois, so we just got their one for Illinois. They also have books for Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. I just love to read through them to see all the kinds of activities which are available, and it always makes me drool. "So many places to see, so little time!" Each state is divided into geographical regions, and the Zavatskys list their favorites for each region. As they note, various changes do occur, so the reader is encouraged to check the place's website or call ahead, but all the information need to make the contact is provided. Also, their own website, , has a lot of interesting information and other related materials available. We dearly love these books and have found them very beneficial.- Wayne S. Walker
Hello, Hi I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for these books that you write. Funny, I picked up the North Carolina edition just to know what was here because we had just moved here and we were completely lost, From growing up in NY to living in Orlando FL. for 2 years to moving here, it seemed like there was nothing to do,...But with your book it helped me realize if we seek we shall find ! I live in Statesville NC and I have so much here from covered bridge to fort Dobbs historic sight  ! We have claimed up stone mountain and took the trolley ride in Asheville. ..Our last trip was to hawks nest, to snow tube. We love Pioneer life and found Murray's Mill , and the covered bridge to be a fantastic history lesson for the children ! We also have visited the Greensboro Children's Museum and the kids had a blast, Lazy 5 Ranch, the horse and wagon ride and loved seeing the animals up close. Love Valley was one of my favorite, and my children had a blast with the horses lines up along the street! Lake Norman state Park was very relaxing. and the kids got to explore all the different trees that grow here in NC, Lastly we went to Hiddenite ( Emerald Hollow Mine in Statesville) Where we found a small piece of Emerald !!! It is about the size of my pointer nail, but it's was exciting to find all these beautiful looking rocks ! I keep them displayed on my living room table ! I wanted to thank you personally for helping me realize that, there is always things to do as long as your willing to get out there and do them !  -The Nardelli family
I grabbed your book at Barnes and Noble last week, Kids Love Ohio and was blown away by its set-up and how comprehensive it is!  - Heidi
Hello, I am writing you because last year was our first family vacation.  My husband and I have three kids ages 9, 4, 2.  My husband wanted to go to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Paradise, MI.  I hate to say, it wasn't something I wanted to do, but I bought your book Kids Love Michigan and I found lots of cool stuff for the kids and I to do on the way!  We went to Mackinaw City, to the Soo locks, and to my favorite... The Mystery Spot.  We all had a blast!  Your book helped me with my planning so much that when we decided to go to Indiana this year the first thing I picked up was "Kids love Indiana".  We are planning on going to Kellogg's Cereal City, and to Shipshewana.  I have a lot of fun and memorable things planned for this year. Thank you so much for all of the time you spent on these books, they are a great help. Hoping you have a great summer as we will!
- Christina F.

 I wanted to tell you how helpful all your books have been to my family of 6. I rarely find books that cater to families with kids. I have your Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania books. I don't want to miss any of the new books that come out. Living in the Midwest we want to visit areas close by and your books have been very valuable. Keep up the great ideas. The books are fantastic. I have shown them to tons of my friends. They love them, too. - Heidi M.

     I wanted to write to you to thank you for writing "Kids Love Ohio". In April, my husband had a training class in Cincinnati for work. My 4 year old son and I decided to go along. Because of your book, we went to the Cincinnati Children's Museum and the Cincinnati Zoo. I was very RELAXED taking my son alone because of the directions you included in the book. I know that if I didn't have your book, I probably would not have gone or would have been more apprehensive. THANK YOU! Our mini-vacation to Cincinnati was wonderful and we plan to go back. Thank you again for all of your hard work, I have also bought "Kids Love Pennsylvania" and plan on buying "Kids Love Michigan" - Sharon M.

     I bought the Ohio and Indiana books yesterday and what a blessing these are for us!!! We love taking our grandsons on Grammie & Papaw trips thru the year and these books are making it soooo much easier to plan. The info is complete and full of ideas. Even the layout of the book is easy to follow...I just wanted to thank you for all your work in developing these books for us...My next one is "Kids Love Michigan". Again thanks! - Grammie Karen

     I have purchased your book. My grandchildren and I have gone to many of the places listed in your book. They mark them off as we visit them. We are looking forward to seeing many more. It is their favorite thing to look at book when they come over and find new places to explore. Thank you for publishing this book! -  BA Robinson

Fun ideas for those "what should we do today" days...

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and kicked myself for not buying it... so I logged on and of course had it! This guide will give you so many ideas for things to do in Ohio. A great guide for anyone living in Ohio... we live central... so most of the suggestions are day trips for us... and that is wonderful... I love Ohio... I never realized how much there was out there till I bought this book. Ideas from factories, farms, zoos, and so many... gosh, never thought of going there... ideas! Complete with addresses, numbers and web sites... so you can find out more before you travel. I'm sure we will enjoy this book for years to come! Thanks to the authors! Would make a nice gift for a family also.

A very good book for family travel in PA

I bought both this book and "Fun With the Family in Pennsylvania", and I liked this one more. I think "Fun with Family" book pays too much attention to historical places and facts. My girls (3 and 6) are not much interested in that stuff; we usually prefer outdoor attractions, nature wonders and factory tours to museums, historical places and houses. "Kids Love PA" book also has an online update and provides more URLs for places of interest. - Anthony P.

A Review from Homeschooler Newsletter

    Kids Love Virginia covers Virginia & Washington, DC. The book is divided into geographical areas — North East, North West, etc. — and attractions are listed by city within the larger area. So if you were making a trip to the North East of Virginia, for example, and were planning on staying in Alexandria, you could turn to that section of the book and find fourteen different places to visit during your stay, including parks, historic sites, museums, and cultural events. Phone numbers, days and hours of operation, websites, and admission prices are listed for each item, along with descriptions that emphasize the features of the attraction that will appeal to children.

     Seasonal and special events are listed in their own section by month for both Virginia and Washington, DC. The Zavatskys also include a list of suggestions for field trips in your own town. The index lists all the attractions alphabetically as well as by theme — Amusements, Animals & Farms, Tours, etc. The companion website,, includes additional travel-related material and updates to the information in the book.

     Kids Love Virginia is one of a series researched and written by the Zavatskys that also includes Kids Love Kentucky, Kids Love Pennsylvania, and several other state titles. At a retail price of under $15.00, any of the books would be well worth buying even for a one-time only vacation trip.

    Kids Love Virginia is the book I've been looking for ever since I moved to Virginia. Until now, when the opportunity arose for a day or weekend trip with the kids I was often at a loss to pick a destination that I could be sure was convenient, educational, child-friendly, and above all, fun. Now I have a new problem: How in the world will we ever be able to see and do all the great ideas listed in this book? I'd better get started planning our next trip right away. At least I won't have to worry about where we're going or what to do when we get there! -


     My wife and I giving this book as a gift to several family members who live in our state and have children. Over half of this book can be used year round and the tours and seasonal chapters are just fabulous. Thanks for writing such a terrific book! - A reviewer, the parents of great kids.


My family and I used this book this summer to explore Ohio! We lived here nearly our entire life and yet over half the book we never knew existed. These people really know what kids love! Highly recommended for all parents, grandparents, etc. - BN reviewer

A Good Time For All!

This is an outstanding book that offers a good time for kids and parents alike. It is full of informative ideas and gives all of the information necessary to make informed decisions on where to go with you little darlings. - Marti

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