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By customer request, many of our guidebooks are now available for immediate download in INTERACTIVE eBooks format. (ePDF)


INSTANT DELIVERY - After completing the checkout process, you'll receive a web site link that takes you to the download page for your book(s).


INTERACTIVE WEBSITE LINKS & DIRECT LINKS to FREE ACTIVITY SHEETS or GAMES. This feature at the minimum works with your PC ePDF reader. It also works with many portable eBook readers (ie iPAD, Nook Color, Kindle 3, Sony, etc).* 


VERY AFFORDABLE - Less expensive than our printed books


EASY TO UPDATE - Using the ePDF editor on your reading device.


SHRINK OR ENLARGE TEXT SIZE - Using the zoom feature on your reading device


PRINT SELECTED PAGES - From home computer printer


ALLOWS FOR HIGHLIGHTING - On PC and select readers


SAVES TIME - Instead of "Googling" your time away, you purchase an inexpensive e-book on the topic, taking away the guesswork. Written by family travel experts who have personally visited over 5000 places with their kids.

Kids Love I-95

Kids Love I-75 Florida Georgia

eBook SALE PRICE - $15.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $15.95

eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95

eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95

Illinois Maryland Michigan Missouri

eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95

eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95

NNorth & South Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee
eBook SALE PRICE - $15.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95
Virginia & DC Wisconsin    
eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95 eBook SALE PRICE - $12.95    
* NOTE: Because technologies are changing so rapidly, the hyperlink function cannot be guaranteed to work on all portable devices. It's best to check with the manufacturer of your device to see if it supports "web hyperlinks" in an ePDF document. Due to the nature of electronic books, all eBook purchases are non-refundable.