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 The Zavatsky Family


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     George Zavatsky and Michele (Darrall) Zavatsky were raised in the Midwest and have lived in several different cities throughout the region. They are very thankful to be called "the family that goes on vacation for a living". Over the past several years, they have researched and published several best-selling state travel books. To accomplish this, they spent thousands of hours in research , travel, and writing to produce books that they would be proud to use.

Where to go? What to do? How much will it cost?

     These are all questions that they have heard throughout the years from friends and family. These questions became the inspiration (along with travel with their parents when they were kids) that motivated them to research, write, and publish the "Kids Love" travel series.

     This adventure of writing and publishing family travel books has taken them on a journey of experiences that they never could have imagined! They have appeared as guests on hundreds of radio and television shows, had featured articles in state-wide newspapers and magazines, spoken to thousands of people at schools and conventions, and write monthly columns in many publications about "family-friendly" places to travel.

      It is their belief and mission statement that if the families who purchase the books will study and use the contained information that they too will ... "create family memories". These memories will grow stronger as the years go by...and hopefully it will lead to another generation of family travelers!

Happy Exploring