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Besides using one of their guidebooks to get unique ideas for places to go, here are some other suggestions they offer.

  1. PLAN  2 Ė 4 ACTIVITIES within a one hour drive time of each other. Base you choices on the season of year.
  2. Know DIRECTIONS & PARKING INFORMATION before you leave. In addition to the site's website, or are good places for directions.
  3. If in doubt, MAKE RESERVATIONS, especially for tours. Find out what is SUGGESTED TO WEAR, especially for factory or transportation tours. When in doubt, DRESS DOWN and DRESS IN LAYERS.
  4. For the road, PACK SNACKS and BEVERAGES.  Also, PACK TRAVEL GAMES & TOYS and plenty of TOILETRIES. Click on the graphics below for some great suggestions like Travel Bingo and Invisible Ink Books.


  5. If your budget allows, have the VEHICLE EQUIPPED WITH A TV/VCR unit.
  6. Donít forget your CAMERA(s)!
  7. PLAN PICNICS along the way. (Allow time for a rural/scenic route to take advantage of free, clean picnic facilities).
  9. HISTORY is easy, if you SNEAK IT IN! Engage your kids by learning state facts (people, places, history, etc) using these fun and educational activity books. Click here for examples.
  10. Gravitate to MUSEUMS that are HANDS-ON.
  11. SOUVENIRS are fun for kids to pick out and keep as a MEMORY of your visit of favorite places. (They can even be practical, too!)
  12. After you create family memories, make a FAMILY TREASURE CHEST and SCRAPBOOK to preserve those memories.

HOME & TRAVEL CHILD SAFETY TIPS - This is a great website for additional stranger safety issues that are import whether at home or traveling.