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Need a fresh approach for a Visiting Author in schools?

Celebrate STATE HISTORY AND WRITING NONFICTION - with a visit from author, Michele Zavatsky.  Discover places like hidden castles and caves, whistle factories, and workshops of great inventors.  You’ll find tours, unique museums, and seasonal events at places you probably never thought of!  Then, take a lively trip through research, writing, editing and printing with lots of real-life visuals.

My enthusiasm for my work will inspire and motivate audiences K-6.  I promise a memorable and educational experience for all! When schools invite me, they can choose between two entirely different and exciting programs, based on one of the KIDS LOVE Travel books:

1) Kids Love State History Day -- unfolding the history of our state through the travel adventures featured in my book, KIDS LOVE (your state).

2) Kids Love Travel Writing Day -- captivating students with interesting retellings of favorite stories from my books - the KIDS LOVE Travel Series – and then, the students writing their own book.

Both programs include: a presentation outline, school assemblies, 'Lunch with the Author,' “make-your-own” postcards, book sales, and personalized book-signings.


Kids Love State History Day

The book "KIDS LOVE OHIO" is the basis of Kids Love State History Day. The assembly includes props (souvenirs collected from travels), stories, humor, audience participation, a craft project, and (optional) recognition of a local Historical attraction from your community. Seeing and participating in this assembly, your students will understand that historical attractions surround us, that state history is easy to explore, and every child will leave thinking their state history is pretty cool. 60 minutes per session. Allow 20 minutes for booksignings. Best for the first half of the school day.  FEE: $300.00 per session or $550.00 for Half-Day - (two sessions). The fee is $750.00 for a combination of both theme days into one school day

Click here for History Day Worksheet


Kids Love Travel Writing Day - Click for Writing Day outline

Kids Love Travel Writing Day is based on "KIDS LOVE Travel Guides", a collection of thousands of places kids love to visit, such as: hidden castles, candy factories, and land where famous pioneers once trod. We begin by sharing with your students our actual research techniques (and add in some amusing stories). Students then learn how to create their own “Our School Loves Travel” mini-book.  Fee: $550.00 for one assembly & breakouts (Half Day). The fee is $750.00 for a combination of both theme days into one school day

The 2-3 breakout sessions are most meaningful for the older grades.  They include, up to three half-hour visits with smaller groups (two or three of the older classes combined).

These visits focus on preparing a Non-Fiction Book Project:

1)      It takes special talent to write Fiction, but everyone has a zest for certain hobbies that produce “How To” Non-Fiction works.

2)      Using “Sensory” words when writing about your experiences.

3)      Edit – does it make as much sense to the reader as to the writer?

4)      It is important for kids to hear this input from professionals outside the home or the school setting.

5)      Good nonfiction challenges readers to look at the world in new ways.

6)      Students and teachers come away with many creative ideas and the desire to try more research and nonfiction writing of their own.

Both Half-Days Include:

"Lunch with the Author" allows a dozen of your student writers to dine with me and be recognized and praised for their abilities.  I also share a little of myself -- my family, how I got started, etc.  All this helps kids feel that they have gotten to know a 'real' author and prompts a lively question-and-answer session in the last ten minutes of each visit.

The Lunch should be no longer than 30 minutes.  Maybe have the librarian serve state-shaped cutout cookies or Buckeye candy for dessert. Students are thrilled to be with the special guest initially, but soon yearn to rejoin their friends to tell them all about it.  At least one adult should be present.

Workshop Guides are available online for reproduction in advance of my visits. These are full of tips on how to make the most of the day and how best to prepare the students. The underlying messages of my work in the schools are:

1) Books, storytelling (sharing stories out loud), history, research and writing are fun.

2) With the younger children I explore the difference between non-fiction and fiction –a travel guide is factual, a travel mystery is made up.

3) With the older children I explore paths and the importance of writing skills: Find what you love to do, do it often, figure out how to tell others about it, and you’ll be happy with your end product.

Book Sales: Schools I visit are expected to offer my books for purchase by students and staff using a simple 'send-home' form, which I provide. These items are provided at a 20% educator Group Sale Discount to the schools I visit. Most schools offer the books "at cost," though some opt to add a small profit.  All purchased books are signed.

Please contact me by email  (email: Michele Zavatsky) to discuss further details. 

I travel about 100 days each year – contact me soon to secure the date you want.


Michele Z
Michele Zavatsky, Family Travel Mom & Author

KIDS LOVE Travel Series

1985 Dina Court

Powell, OH 43065

Phone: 614-792-6451

email: Michele Zavatsky


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Some Comments About My School Programs

Your presentation was awesome! You taught me a lot!  

- Lindsay - 2nd Grade

Their program fit our state history curriculum perfectly! An affordable, engaging and entertaining experience! The best use of PTA funds. Invite Mrs. Z, the Family Travel Mom to your school this year! - Sue, Ohio Educator

    Our students loved their visit with George & Michele Zavatsky. George & Michele were so enthusiastic about all the places they visited and this enthusiasm was contagious. Students “traveled” with them by way of their “memento board” to learn about Blue Jacket and Tecumseh. They talked about what it was like for those taking refuge on the “underground railroad” or those pioneers who churned their own butter and ground corn into flour. They ask, “What would it have been like to plant trees with Johnny Appleseed, or go sharpshooting with Annie Oakley?” They also did a fun activity where students wrote a postcard to send to a friend about an historic place in Ohio they had visited, either personally or through the Zavatsky’s colorful descriptions. Their visit was definitely the “buzz” around the school for the next several days as students shared with each other the places they had visited or would now like to visit!”

         - Patty H. - Elementary School Library Media Specialist