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Our kids love these books! A great way to engage the kids and learn about places they may visit. An EXCITING new series of mystery books for kids ages  7 to 14 featuring REAL KIDS in REAL PLACES!


This series plunks real children in a current-day adventure mystery set in famous settings across America. Historical facts add powerful educational value! Students read about famous places like the White House, Biltmore House, Mighty Mississippi, the first flight of Orville and Wilbur Wright, Historic times of the Underground Railroad, Blackbeard the Pirate, New York City, and more. For the ultimate experienceóread the book, write your own mystery, join the fan club, and apply to be a character!Ē Click on any book cover below for a closer look. All titles just $7.99 each.

Want to make the mystery an educational experience? Teacher's Guides are available for many mysteries.


Mystery of Biltmore House Mystery of Blackbeard the Pirate Mystery of the Alamo Ghost
White House Christmas Mystery Mystery on the Iditarod Trail Mystery in New York City

Mystery at Disney World

Mystery on the Underground Railroad Mystery In the Rocky Mountains Mystery on the Mighty Mississippi
Ghost of the Grand Canyon Mystery at Jamestown
The Mystery at Fort Sumter The Mystery on the Great Lakes The Mystery at Yellowstone National Park The Mystery on the Oregon Trail